Vision and mission


  • Creativity
    Creativity is to come up with something new that hasn’t been there before, finding solutions to any obstacle you may face, providing alternatives. Think outside of the box is the key to success. We teach our students that they were born unique and so they shall be, UNIQUE.
  • Communication
    The ability to reach out for others is simply a gift. We arm our students with soft skills that they would need in their future life. Helping them to express themselves or communicate and interconnect with people is one of our main priorities.   
  • Cooperation
    As the future generation needs to discover its own potentials and abilities, they also need to learn how to team-up and work together to achieve higher level of success. The ability to share your efforts with your colleagues and bring out the best of each other is a blessing that we seek to cater for our students.   
  • Conducting
    Throughout their years of study as an IGCSEs; our students are mastering the art of directing and organizing their life as if it is a musical performance.

We sail with our students to the dawn of a new era. We are keen on arming our future leaders with integrity, commitment and discipline. MLS strives to generate compassionate and responsible leaders who have faith in themselves and are loyal to their family at home, school and to their country. MLS encourages its students to contribute in the future of their country and build up the glory of their nation.